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Re-brand a dead brand


I chose Anti Social Social Club, a clothing company that sheds light on mental health, particularly social anxiety. As I was university student, I understand the struggles of navigating the social scene while staying true to oneself. Thus, my unique twist on this project is an alcohol delivery service that allows you to savor the party in the comfort of your own space. Embrace the joy of bringing the party home, ensuring inclusivity, and making every moment a celebration of self-expression and acceptance. Cheers to a bold and vibrant journey where design and purpose come together!

On the packaging, it reads...

Anti Social Social Club is made for nights in with family, friends, or those anti-social moments. To share special moments at home without the hassle of making everyone's favourite beverage. Leave it to the Anti Social Social Club to deliver your cocktails of choice. All our cocktails are gluten-free and lactose-free to take one more thing off your mind. Relax or party and let the Anti Social Social Club be the mixologist.

The typeface was chosen because of the negative space looking like the bubbles found in alcoholic drinks. In addition, the typeface is bold and fun and looks slightly like people.

The bold bright and playful colour palette brightens up the table when ordered to the house creating inviting packaging.

The Negroni...

The best example of bitter sweetness. A fruity 

and floral blend. In the famous words of Orson 

Wells, "The bitters are excellent for your health, 

the gin is bad for you. They balance eachother."

So what does this say about Negroni drinkers? 

You live life on the edge, enjoying the small things

whilst appreciating the bad to make the

good; good.

The Porn Star Martini

A smooth passionfruit blend. Tangy

yet sweet. So what does that say

about porn star drinkers? You lot

are sweet and definitely vibrant.

But the big question that may set porn 

star drinkers into two is, do you

shot or pour the Prosecco? Who

really knows so you be your own judge 

of that one. One thing we can agree

on is to be thankful to Douglas

Ankrah the inventor and creator

of the Porn Star Martini.

The Pina Colada

The smooth sweet concoction of rum, cream of the coconut and pineapple juice. If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain this is the perfect cocktail for you! So what does this say about Pina Cocada drinkers? You are probably the type of person that

doesn't like yoga but prefers making' love at midnight.

The Anti Social Social Truck

Introducing a revolutionary way to elevate your cocktail experience The Anti Social Social Truck! Designed to cater to the vibrant university community, this mobile delight rolls right up to your student union club, bringing the party to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in the world of delectable concoctions as you get the chance to sample our range of premium cocktails before placing your order through our user-friendly app. Embrace the spirit of exploration and camaraderie, as we take your cocktail journey to new heights.

The illustrations can be used in a broad way on posters and social media.

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