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Create a brand from the song lyric "But if you tired then go take a nap! Or stay awake and watch the show I take because right now I'm bout to shake and bake" 


The journey began with an exploration of the iconic 80s rap lyric, 'shake and bake,' which cleverly referred to marijuana. Embracing the rapidly growing market for CBD products, I found the path forward.

As I delved deeper into the research, I discovered an exciting connection between 'shake and bake' and basketball—a powerful move that inspired us to explore the realm of DOMs (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and the potential of CBD in alleviating and regulating pain.

But my quest didn't stop there. I passionately investigated the portrayal of women in 80s rap music and the broader rap culture. Acknowledging the negative and disrespectful tones in some instances, we were inspired to create something extraordinary—Gaia, a line of CBD-infused menstrual pain relief products designed to empower and support individuals during their menstrual cycles.

The brand strives to be more than just a name; it embodies a journey of research, insight, and innovation. I aim to make a positive impact on people's lives through thoughtful and purpose-driven designs.

Gaia, the Goddess Mother Nature, serves as the muse behind my project—a captivating connection between marijuana and the natural rhythm of the menstrual cycle. As a designer, I use a vibrant colour palette, but with Gaia, I knew the essence of the brand had to be bold and unapologetic.

The design doesn't just captivate the eye; they echo a movement—a powerful declaration that periods are a natural part of life and deserve recognition. By daring to be bold, we strive to propel this progressive conversation forward, encouraging a more inclusive and compassionate world.

I wanted the designs echo the essence of each product they embrace: behold the warmth of the heat patches in vivid pink and red, the tranquility of CBD sleep drops mirrored in soft blues and graceful gradients, and the soothing touch of the CBD-infused rub. But that's not all – inclusivity lies at the heart of the brand. I crafted an inviting space where anyone with a menstrual cycle can comfortably find solace and support for their menstrual pain. Embrace the power of our designs, where beauty and empathy intertwine to create a world of comfort and understanding for all.

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